We help clients implement technology solutions that solve business challenges, create competitive advantage, and cultivate growth.

Digital Benchmark

At IoT Horizon, we assess and benchmark clients by reviewing their people, business, and technology. We use the Digital Benchmark to review progress throughout the Digital Transformation journey.

Digital Walk

Digital Walk is the simplest, lowest-risk approach to start your digital transformation. With Digital Walk, we are looking at ways to simplify internal operations. It could be the most efficient way to pick from the warehouse, or how to monitor machines. We look to see how the operation can be simplified, and we don’t just mean trying to optimise the current process but how can we eliminate the process, perhaps through automation or redesigning the process altogether.


  • Review Industry 4.0 progress
  • Identify business challenges (known or unknown)
  • Assess skills gaps
  • Build a digital walk program including:
    • Quick wins to create momentum
    • Longer running simplifications which require more time & resources

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Digital Run

Digital Run is the disruptive part of digital transformation and covers new ways of working or doing things differently. The simplest way to achieve this is to generate data about what you currently do, then apply Machine Learning or use a Digital Twin to investigate different outcomes. Getting the data is the first step and this is where IoT plays a significant role. Use the data to generate insight. Then consider what would happen if we didn’t do this operation or task, or if we could do it differently.


  • Revenue or margin per product, service line, operation, employee, sales channel etc.
  • Generating new lines of revenue from IoT insights
  • Creating newer, more flexible business models:
    • As-as-service
    • Subscriptions
    • Pay-per-use
    • Outcome-based

Digital Roadmap

The final step is to produce a Digital Roadmap with defined benefits, costs, and timescales that allows our customers to proceed at their own pace. An example ‘high-level’ digital roadmap can be viewed below.

We can help you with

Business Case

Technology Evaluation

Feasibility Studies

Product Design

Software Development

Hardware Build and Integration

IoT Security

Funding Support

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