At the heart of every successful company lies a team of dedicated individuals striving for excellence. Inox Fabrications, a leading manufacturing firm, has recently achieved a significant milestone worth celebrating. As their trusted IoT consultant, we are thrilled to share the news of their well-deserved recognition and the vital role we played in their journey.

Securing Funding and Earning Prestigious Recognition:

Inox Fabrications has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in manufacturing. As their IoT consultant, we have had the privilege of working closely with their team to enhance their operations through the adoption of digital technologies. Through our collaboration, we have not only provided them with valuable insights and expertise but also supported them in securing vital funding to support their digital roadmap.

In recognition of their exceptional accomplishments, Inox Fabrications has been awarded a prestigious industry award from Made Smarter UK. This accolade serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence in manufacturing and their willingness to embrace cutting-edge technologies. We are incredibly proud to be a part of their journey and witness the positive impact they have made in the industry.

The Driving Force: Lee Preston:

Behind every successful venture, there is often an individual who serves as the catalyst for progress. In the case of Inox Fabrications, that individual is none other than Lee Preston, the Managing Director.

Lee shared his thoughts on their achievement, saying, “Many will have noticed I’ve been unusually quiet for a while, I’m not keen on phrase on journey because it’s been more like an expedition, lots to learn for us at Inox Fabrications and many thanks to our partners IoT Horizon Ltd and Made Smarter UK for the help and assistance to date.

Lee’s words reflect the challenges and growth experienced by Inox Fabrications. His acknowledgment of the tremendous effort involved in this achievement and his gratitude towards their partners emphasises the collaborative nature of success in the manufacturing industry.

Acknowledging the Inox Team:

Success is never the result of individual efforts alone; it is a collective achievement. The entire team at Inox Fabrications deserves recognition for their hard work, dedication, and innovative mindset. From the skilled technicians on the factory floor to the engineers and designers who bring ideas to life, each member of the Inox team has played a vital role in the company’s success.

As their IoT consultant, we have had the privilege of supporting them on this remarkable journey and witnessing first-hand the profound impact they have had on the industry.

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