Digital Transformation

30% of IoT Projects fail in the proof-of-concept stage due to the bottom-line benefits being unclear against the implementation costs. Many fail due to the lack of cultural motivation or because execution timescales elongate, and businesses are reluctant to write off the sums are invested. For those who have previously tried unsuccessfully, there is a natural reticence to try again, through the benefits look favourable.

To help encourage and accelerate the successful adoption of IoT and the right digital technologies, IoT Horizon has developed a four-stage process to “MPWR” our clients. This iterative, agile process learns from and builds on the previous experience and knowledge, allowing rapid ideation through execution, deployment, and adoption.

Our proven methodology can assist with:

Digital Transformation

Digital Strategy & Roadmaps

Change Management

Business Case

Funding Sources


Training & Support

Cultural Transformation

MPWR Process


Design innovation around your company culture.

We come to understand your people, your operations and company culture as a whole to ensure our work is right for your organisation, and is able to deliver on pre-determined, tangible results.


Quickly map out your challenges, known & unknown.
Through consultation we design a selection of tailored solutions for your company, to identify new revenue streams and opportunities.


Bringing ideas to life, and into business.
Our workable process converts ideas to real value and defines the optimal solution based on; the value of revenue streams created, what’s right for you as an organisation as well as potential funding pots to facilitate this.

Rapid Prototype

Swiftly implement prototype and see how it works in practise.
Using the designs and specifications from the Workable phase, we can focus on rapidly producing a prototype. This includes reviewing operating model, supply chain, funding applications and a prototype iteration plan.
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