It’s an exciting time for IoT Horizon as we promote Kamran Nawaz to Operations Manager.

Kamran (Kammy) Nawaz has been working with us as a Software Developer since January 2020 and has helped to execute small to large scale projects. In the two and half years that Kammy has been working with us, he has successfully strengthened the Software Development and Operations Team.

In Kammy’s first interview at IoT Horizon, he stated that in the next five years working with us his aim was “to grow as a software developer, increase my knowledge in IoT and hopefully become a real asset to the company to repay them for the faith that they have shown in me”. In the space of two years, he has certainly accomplished this and is a real asset to IoT Horizon.

This is what Kammy had to say about his recent success:

“I just want to say a huge thank to everyone at IoT Horizon for giving me a platform to learn and develop, and for always believing in me. I’m getting involved in IoT implementations across various network protocols including LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, RFID, NB IoT, LTE, Cellular and WiFi. The solutions help our clients to improve health and safety, productivity and reduce operating costs. It’s an exciting time for myself and the business”

Managing Director Deyrick Allen also added: “Kammy is a valuable part of our team and has certainly brought a new dimension to operations. He is knowledgeable, diligent, and always has a smile on his face which makes him excellent with clients.”

Connect with Kammy on LinkedIn to follow his journey.

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