George Bogg joins IoT Horizon as Graphic Design Intern, and we wanted to find out more…

Tell us more about yourself?

“Hello, I’m George Bogg, the latest recruit for IoT Horizon. I’m currently studying Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University. I have chosen to do a work placement in between my second and third year as I wanted to experience what being a designer in the industry would be like. Doing a year internship with IoT Horizon was a great choice for expanding both what I’m designing and for learning more about the IoT industry.”

What are you looking to achieve?

“I want to get more familiar with working as a designer and developing my skills in ways that might not have been possible in University/lessons, and doing so in a great, supportive environment like IoT Horizon will also be good for my personal confidence.”

What is your previous experience?

“Just before joining IoT Horizon, I did a 2-month work experience placement with UKRI STFC as a graphic design intern. My main project was to design and run some Appspace screens displayed all over the building, which was a great success. Along with this major project I did some smaller, in-the-moment work like image editing and re-colouring, 3D scanning, and CAD work.”

What is your role at IoT Horizon?

“My role at IoT Horizon is a Graphic Design Intern, I’ll be making sure that marketing and sales collateral is in line with current branding, creating designs for social media, and conceptualizing ideas that the team has. I’ll also be working with the team to improve the design elements of IoT Horizon’s Neronis platform.”

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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