Adjusting to new workplaces during lockdown has taken its toll on morale for many employees who are used to a bustling office environment, or even visiting clients around the country. It is important that employers acknowledge these challenges and strive to create support mechanisms and a culture where employees feel able to share challenges with their mental health.

Cronkshaw Fold Farm, in Rossendale adopted a digital method to diversify its business after being affected by the pandemic. So yes, you really can hire a goat for a virtual meeting. But why not…boosting staff morale and engagement is extremely important!

The goats are available for calls on Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts, with each goat having their own set of personalities for your business meeting. They have already been involved in virtual church services, pub quizzes and business meetings.

Speaking to Lancashire Live, farm owner, Dot McCarthy said: “We’ve had some really big businesses booking goats just to cheer their staff up. In some of the calls the staff will be on the call for five minutes before they notice a goat is there. It’s really funny.”

We would love to hear how staff morale has been boosted across your industry? Comment below and let us know!

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