Did you know that Scientists estimate;

  • Santa’s warehouse would need to cover the same space as 240,000 double-decker buses?
  • Santa has a workforce of over 90,000 Elves?
  • Santa and his team must make over 500 million toys every year?

Santa’s’ Elves work in various departments including Engineering, Marketing, Design, and Analytics (to analyse what presents will be popular at Christmas). The different teams all play vital roles in how a toy is designed, engineered, produced and packaged ready for Christmas Eve delivery.

With children’s happiness at stake, Santa and his team must work tirelessly in the lead up to Christmas. Santa, therefore, needs to have a fully functional and operating workforce. With such a large employee count and Coronavirus reaching the North Pole in 2020, Santa contacted IoT Horizon to protect his workforce.

IoT Horizon worked tirelessly to implement a solution* that would protect Santa and his Elves, as well as providing much-needed assurances that the factory was a safe place to work.

How did IoT Horizon achieve this?

  • All the Elves were issued with a Contact Tracing device to wear in the factory.
  • Despite Elves needing to work in close proximity, the devices ensured a 2m distance was always adhered to (if not the devices sounded an alarm and the Elves were able to take a big step back).
  • All the interactions between the Elves were recorded and this data was made available to Santa. He could identify who had been in contact with a sick Elf and limit any further spread of COVID-19.
  • Santa could also check which Elves were adhering to Social Distancing and provide rewards for those individuals.


If you’d like to find out how Contact Tracing Solutions could protect your employees, contact IoT Horizon on

(T) 01706 318110 | (E) sales@iothorizon.com

*Unfortunately, IoT Horizon did not get the opportunity to visit the North Pole. It was far too dangerous with COVID-19…

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