On 1st December 2023, IoT Horizon Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Niamh Allen as the company’s new Managing Director. This unanimous decision by the board signifies a pivotal moment for the company as it continues to evolve and innovate in the IoT sector.

Niamh’s appointment reflects the board’s confidence in her ability to lead IoT Horizon into a new era of growth and prosperity.

Founder of IoT Horizon, Deyrick Allen, expressed confidence in Niamh, stating, “I am certain that Niamh is the right person to steer the company into the future. Her dedication and drive have been truly inspiring, and I believe that under her leadership, IoT Horizon will continue its trajectory of success.

Niamh’s vision and strategic insights will play a pivotal role in shaping our future. This transition allows me to keep pushing boundaries in the industry, knowing that the business is in capable hands. Niamh has some exciting plans, and I eagerly anticipate the developments in 2024.”

Niamh conveyed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am honoured to lead such a talented team and to champion IoT Horizon’s mission of creating sustainable, smart buildings that foster healthy, energy-efficient workspaces. I look forward to building on the company’s achievements and collaborating with our team, stakeholders, and partners to realise our shared vision.”

IoT Horizon is confident that Niamh’s leadership will bring continued innovation and success to the company and looks forward to an exciting future under her direction.

Please join us in congratulating Niamh.

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