We can finally shout about Dan Bradley joining IoT Horizon as our Head of Research & Development. Dan brings a wealth of experience to the business and will be based at our Sci-Tech Daresbury Office. We asked Dan to tell us a little more about himself and his new role…

What positions have you held? 

I completed my PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2010, having received the Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Westminster Fellowship’, which entailed a secondment from my studies to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), in Westminster.

After a three-month tour of the United States teaching Debate, Politics and Public Speaking on behalf of the English Speaking Union (ESU), I started a career in Academic Research at the University of Liverpool, specialising in the electrochemistry of metal nanoparticles. I then transitioned into the project and programme management of research projects, and then to managing publicly-funded technology consultancy programmes for business. I then took my first role in the private sector as Head of Product Development for a molecular technology start-up. It was in this role that I first met Deyrick, MD of IoT Horizon.

Why did you join IoT Horizon?

When I met IoT Horizon, I was building an MVP device with sensors, microcontrollers and 3D-printed parts. Deyrick saw my interest in the Internet of Things, IoT, technology and indoor air quality, in particular. I saw, in Deyrick and the rest of the team, a welcoming group of professionals with a passion for growing the business and deep experience in operating in the private sector. The stars aligned, and after a brief period of contracting for the firm, I joined as Head of R&D.

Could you tell us a little about your role at IoT Horizon?

I spend a fair amount of my time supporting immediate business needs, co-authoring proposals, consulting for clients and managing projects. My core role involves managing the growing R&D team, and relationships with our R&D partners, including IBM research, the Science and Technology Facilities Council and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

With my scientific background, I underpin a lot of the technical advice that the firm gives clients and I especially enjoy working directly on product design and development.

What’s one of your favourite things about working in the business?

The open, honest, friendly, and supportive team.

A fun fact about you

In my life, I have nearly been stepped on by an elephant and knocked out of a kayak by a crocodile. I have slept on the roof of a Land Rover Defender while Lions prowled outside and have been in some dicey situations at an IDF checkpoint in the West Bank and in a rather ‘colourful’ barrio of Buenos Aires. The closest I’ve come to serious injury, however, is when my hammock nearly pulled a brick wall down on me in my own back garden…

I hope my new son Sam, is as lucky as I’ve been…

Please welcome Dan to the team, and connect with him on LinkedIn

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