1st October 2020

The London Marathon is set to take place this weekend for Elite-Level runners, in a secure bubble, around St James’s Park.

100 elite athletes in the men’s, women’s and wheelchair races as well as 500 members of the support team will use the wearable technology, to enable organisers to minimise and track the spread of infection.

Using Radio Frequency technology, the device will alert users when they get too close to another person. The device will also store the data of who has been in contact with who, and for how long, so in the event of a positive test result, organisers will be able to take action to prevent further transmission.

Athletes will be expected to wear their devices to the start line, and then will be allowed to remove the device, whilst running. Athletes will then need to re-attach their Bump device once the race is finished.

Utilising a Contact Tracing Solution for the London Marathon is the perfect use case for Technology Providers to showcase how sporting events can resume in a safe way and generate much-needed revenues.

If you’d like to learn more about how Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solutions can be used in your own environment Contact our Team today to find out more.

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