The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a huge business opportunity across almost every industry due to an every-changing technological landscape and the need to adapt to changes in working patterns.

Adoption rates are accelerating, with new research suggesting that 55.7 billion connected IoT devices (or “things”) will be in circulation by 2025, generating almost 80B zettabytes of data.

IoT devices, can be an often-ignored element of the company inventory, yet a prominent point of compromise to a company’s infrastructure, if they are not correctly designed and prepared with security standards in mind. They come with their own challenges for maintenance, can add more complexity to any existing asset register, but are pivotal if not essential for the businesses of the future. That’s why the government is mandating security of consumer IoT devices within the UK, to have all businesses, from small outlets to enterprise-level corporations, ready and proactive against all potential threats.

IoT Security

At IoT Horizon, we provide safe, reliable, and trusted advice that enables our clients to adopt IoT security best practices. We know how invaluable this key component of infrastructure can be to a business’ operations, and what’s more, we know that protecting them is a hard enough task for the professionals to get right, let alone a business simply wanting a solution to their problems.
That’s why we’re offering 3 off the shelf packages plus a customised offering to suit our customer’s needs. These will help you decide what level of security your company may need, make it scalable and appropriate for your operations, and help us understand what problem we can solve for you.

The packages reflect mandatory requirements, recommendations, and conditional aspects of the ETSI EN 303 645 standard, The European Standard on connected device security, which has been developed to protect IoT devices against cybersecurity threats and is incorporated as a baseline security standard across Europe.

Bronze Package

  • Software integrity checks
  • Common vulnerability checks

Silver Package

  • Bronze Package
  • ETSI EN 303 645 GAP analysis
  • Software Build reviews

Gold Package

  • Silver Package
  • System Penetration Test
  • System Resilience and BAU analysis
  • Quarterly deployed update reviews


Bespoke offering Workshop to define challenges
and perceived issues Workshop defines appropriate selections from:
  •  Custom offering & content
  •  Inspection, Assurance and Deep

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