How the metaverse will help and become our universe

Due to the rapid improvement in technology, and the disruption of working in a normal working environment during Covid-19, 80% of workers have said that they now want a combination of working in the office and working from home. So how can this be achieved with something other than teams and email? For example, Facebook has found a middle ground between virtual and in-person working, and also rebranded to the metaverse. Many employees are looking to adopt home working moving forward, and the metaverse will enable them to combine the virtual and physical worlds. As well as benefitting average employees, these new technologies can also help in other scenarios which I will outline in this blog post.

To put it simply, the metaverse has been described as a glorified computer game where people will gather to work, play and socialise. This ‘virtual world’ can be explored through a laptop, phone, or headset and gives you the option to explore areas such as towns, cities virtual shops, and places to socialise with friends like how people commonly use Facebook, you can even create your own virtual avatar. People using the metaverse to access their workplace can have the option to accurately replicate their working environment or have the option to make their working environments more imaginative. For example, there will be the option to add elements like a football pitch, an aquarium, or sculptures. Using virtual avatars in online meeting spaces will help people in virtual meetings respond to and feed off the body language of other participants. It is expected that most of us will be in the metaverse by 2030.

The metaverse can also have more important uses such as training for emergency scenarios. For example, training people on how to prepare for a terrorist attack. By using the metaverse, we can create different scenarios in which users have the freedom to interact, react and move around. This can therefore help people to learn in a more emotionally safe environment. It is a safe space where people can make mistakes with no real consequences and be better prepared in real life. For example, medical students would be able to practice surgeries virtually without the risk of harming real patients.

Education is another important use for the metaverse, as it provides a better learning experience than a video call. Personally, during covid, I think this would have been an extremely useful tool, as it would have made learning more immersive for pupils unable to attend lessons as they would still be able to learn and interact with their classmates as they would in the real world. Even without covid, the metaverse would be useful for students that are off sick or that cannot commute on a particular day. School children in the future will also be able to use the metaverse to go on field trips to historic landmarks and locations and experience them as they would have been at the time.

Businesses today will all eventually have a place in the Metaverse, contact us to find out more.


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